About Us

Legends Building Legends – Founded by Carl Lee III and Randy Moss – Focusing on protecting and assisting in the overall development of young athletes.

With 26 years of NFL experience, Legends Carl Lee III and Randy Moss want to focus their training on the quintessential components and metrics used by the National Football League to forecast young athletes who foresee a future in collegiate and/or professional athletics.

LBL recognizes, within their years of experience, that the ultimate success to collegiate and professional athletics demands more than athleticism. There is a belief that Tournament Style Football offers exposure, competition and winning, however, there is no actual proof or metrics that suggest that these criteria will transition to collegiate and/or professional athletics. Understanding the importance of guidance and resources for athletes, parents, and coaches as essential to future success at the collegiate and professional levels.

LBL will provide the necessary tools to assist in protecting and educating the inexperienced volunteers that coach our youth and provide informative knowledge to uninformed and unaware parents of these young athletes.

Reflecting on their personal journeys that began “From Nowhere To Somewhere”, recounting their rare path through West Virginia, Minnesota, and for Randy Moss, the walls of Canton, Ohio.