How it started

National Football League Hall of Famer, Randy Moss and Minnesota Vikings 50 th Greatest, Carl Lee are aware of the different paths to success. Randy Moss’ path was filled with a strong work ethic, amazing talent, and undeniable obstacles. While Carl Lee’s path was founded by unbelievable determination, a visible desire and constant challenges. Realizing the differences in their paths to success these Community Legends believe that there are success stories being overlooked in the State of West Virginia.

Why is it needed?

Success ultimately demands a sustained individual body of work, confirmed by the metrics established through the NFL Combine Testing. The current environment surrounding football in the State of West Virginia focuses on winning and competition as the essential tools required for success. This narrative is in stark contrast to the National Football League (NFL) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) process of athletic evaluation and safety protocol.

Combine / Tracking Individual Growth

The West Virginia Combine is modeled after the National Football League’s Combine structure. It will test young athletes in six (5) specific drills that determine athleticism and skillset. These drills will assist athletes, parents, and coaches and provide an opportunity to focus on weaknesses based on their results. The Combine will provide a tracking system whereby they can see their strengths and weaknesses year by year. More importantly, the Combine will limit gameplay and provide a safer and more meaningful way to rank themselves individually across the State and Country.

Who will benefit?

(Youth from 3rd to 12th grade)

Combine 2020

May 30, 2020